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“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.”

Paul Rand


Our goal in  design is to express the vision you have for your space and make that a reality.  This is often not as obvious and simple as it may seem given the myriad of circumstances that have to be considered. Consequently we put put considerable emphasis on design.  It is the  glue that holds the whole process together because its the guiding light at every step articulating what we are trying to accomplish for a specific space. There is no greater inefficiency in time and money than designing while building. The job of design is to find the optimal solution for the homeowner’s needs, tastes and

budget.  In other words finding the best use of the space (function), with an aesthetic that resonates with the homeowner (form), using the best available techniques in the most cost efficient way possible fitting special uniqueness of each individual homeowner.  While any reputable firm can put together a design, finding the best design solution is a different matter and is not always apparent at first.  Often uncovering the homeowner’s real deep down tastes and priorities only becomes clear after initial design concepts.  The last thing either of us want is to say “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve six months after the job was completed.”  One of the hallmarks of Kingston is to give design the full attention it deserves and we have never looked back or had a client who regretted that emphasis.