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Happy Father’s Day, from Kingston Design Remodeling..!

Father’s Day is here once more: another opportunity to show our Dads how much we care about them. Here at Kingston, we love our fathers. We’ll try to give Dad what he really wants most. Let’s take a moment to meet some of the dads of Team Kingston, and look at few “man cave” type retreats we could see our dads using.

IMG_3616-2Here’s Moira Hall, Kingston’s Director of Operations, and her father, a professional jazz musician. Moira loves going out to see her dad perform. Live music is important to many of Moira’s large family. Concerts in the summer are big family outing. Moira says: “This is me and my dad at a Dave Matthews Band concert.  My dad is artistic and fun.  I thank him for my level headed-ness and strong work ethic.” That ethic is strong like Rambo, so, thanks, Moira’s dad!
Dads (& moms!) work hard. When Father’s Day rolls around we find ourselves thinking about how best to show our appreciation to our dads. What does Dad want most? A  football game and a few beers? Some quiet time with a favorite movie or some video games?

The idea of a “man cave” is a fairly recent addition to the vocabulary, but it’s become a sought-after retreat. Former Kingston VP, current Board of Directors member John Schmitt shares this snapshot of his comfortable basement TV room. What a great use of basement space! A little darkly lit – just like a cave should be – with a nice big screen TV and plenty of cozy places to sit. The addition of a plate of nachos and a pitcher of good cold beer would make this room a Father’s Day paradise.

mike-marek-kingston-director-of-ProductionKingston is a small business, made up of people with families like yours. Every piece of the company puzzle is vital to the whole. A key member of our crew is Mr. Mike Marek, Kingston’s Director of Production. If you’re not familiar with remodeling and build firms, a Director of Production is an MVP. They’re the one overseeing the various challenges that come up on a job site. Field checks, dealing with inspectors, subcontractors, material suppliers & field employees; it’s their responsibility to ensure that each project is completed in a timely manner to the client’s satisfaction. Where Mike really shines is his unflagging attention to even the tiniest detail of a job; proper execution & uncompromising quality are hallmarks of his work. When Mike told us he had three beautiful kids, all those high-level managerial skills suddenly made lots of sense..! If anyone needs a swanky man cave, it’d be him, right..?

scenic-fancy-mancavePerhaps your dad isn’t the football games and wings type. Maybe he’s the sort of man who wants to surround himself with books and culture; maybe he’s in need of some inner peace. Instead of a big television, this retreat room centers around its dazzling view and a fireplace. The clear light provided by the glass wall makes daytime reading easy on the eyes and the natural wood tones inspire warm feelings of relaxation. Add lots of good books and a comfortable chair and you’ve created an oasis of calm in a busy world. There’s some dads we know that would love a proper reading nook like this..and some moms, too..!

A first Father’s Day is a special thrill. There’s the wonder of seeing the world through the new eyes of your child, sharing their Chris-and-Eli-Fathers-Day-Kingston-cPGp9Yt8t3HA1kknyZ4z9Lz6tQYXNPoo3lQJiT82T9YwFpKwH8lpA14q7MbQ1xLIb7846GBBQoFP19iFtrFzSscc1Mo1-nIaNdXueiDmany “first” experiences. The first time you hold them, the first time you sing them to sleep. The light in their eyes as they grow to recognize their mom and dad as individuals, apart from everyone else making baby talk at them. The theory is that the euphoria and pride of new parenthood helps carry mom and dad through a period of their lives when they’re not getting enough sleep.  This is Kingston’s Webmaster, Chris Barber, and his baby son, Eli. When we asked him what being a daddy is like, he said: “Being a father and seeing my son grow and achieve new things has been the greatest experience of my life.” Awww. Congrats to Chris and Diane, his wife, on the happy addition to their family.

As kids get older our opportunities to remake parts of our homes increase. Children move out, for work or school, & suddenlyliving-room-golf-course we have more room than we used to. A skilled design build remodel team like Kingston’s can help you reconfigure an existing room, bump out an existing room, add a reading room or something that lines up with a favorite hobby – like golf. A remodel or addition like this doesn’t only increase Dad’s quality of life, but does good things for the homeowner’s property value as well, maximizing usable space and increasing visual appeal.

austin-and-suzannes-dadWe’ll share one last Kingston Dad photo. This handsome guy was the father of Kingston’s owner, Austin Schmitt & Kingston’s Social Media Coordinator, Suzanne Schmitt. Kingston is that rare place to work where the owner of the company genuinely cares about all his employees; clearly Daddy Schmitt passed on some great values to his children.

Whatever kind of dad you have – sporty or bookish, quiet or the life of the party, Kingston’s award-winning design and build team can help you whip up a corner of your home just for them.

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Happy Father’s Day to you, to your dad, your granddad or to whatever person in your life was like a father to you.

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