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Happy holidays: that’s not a typo up there. Fourth of July is one of America’s favorite holidays. We go nuts! Parades and fireworks, barbecue and outdoor concerts. For many people in the DC metro area, summer is the best time of year. We’re lucky enough to live in an place of great natural beauty, but with the nation’s capital close by. Town or country; clubbing or pick-your-own orchard, this part of the country truly has something for everyone.

Summertime’s perfect for many things. July is just right to start planning for Christmas, for example.

Wait, waitfireworks-2. Keep reading. This isn’t going to be like going to the mall and finding that the holiday decorations are up before back-to-school has happened. It’s true, though; in terms of a remodeling project there is no time like right now to start planning your best holiday season ever.

“What? We just saw the fireworks! Last week!” Yes we did. A few of Team Kingston may have set some off in our backyards, but we’ll never tell.

A quality building or remodeling job takes time. We as impatient consumers sometimes forget that. Our society is geared towards instant gratification. Sometimes that’s fine, sometimes there’s a lot to do. Grab that coffee, catch that train, make it to the meeting. But home; home is where the heart is. And so home should be a place we can lay our cares to rest. Home deserves a little of our patience and time to be its best.

Let’s say you’d love to get your kitchen or bathroom remodeled in time for the holidays. We asked some friends what their imagined timeline would be if they wanted that kind of work done by Thanksgiving; when they thought the work would start. Most of them said October. Nope. Sorry guys! If you’d like to spruce up the homestead for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule or Festivus you should call Kingston today to get some idea of what that would involve.

Why would it take that long?turkey-1

Let’s say you’re getting a kitchen remodeled. There’s the initial consultation, where you meet with Kingston’s Director of Operations, Moira, to discuss your hopes for the project.

Then a design agreement is drawn up. Measurements are taken and our Lead Designer, Sooz, will start producing sketches based on different ideas for use of the space involved.

Then the architect is next. A build contract is signed and then it’s time for Mike, our Production Manager, to take charge of the various build stages to follow. The work itself could involve:

– Demolition
– Electrical Work
– Counter Tops
– Cabinets
– Flooring
– Painting
– Installation of Appliances
– Doors & Trim
– Wall repairs / carpentry

EacTREE-06h of those steps has many tiny variables, that are custom, based on requests of our clients. There’s inspection after the work is all finished, and Mike has done his white-glove level cleanup after the job.

At Kingston, we work efficiently for you, but we won’t be Tazmanian-devil-like speed demons: we stick to a stated schedule. We also won’t tell you things can be done overnight when they can’t. We’re an award-winning company that’s been making homes more beautiful and practical for over 30 years. We’d rather have you be happy with our high-quality work in the long run than rush to sell you on unrealistic deadlines.

snow-1That’s why right after wishing you happy Fourth of July, we’re suggesting you take a look forward to your harvest and winter holidays, and picture how you’d like your home to be different by then. Once that image is clearly in mind, pick up the phone or keyboard. Shoot Kingston an Email or give us a call – (703) 323-6527. We’d love to hear from you.

As a Christmas present to you, we’re extending our Summer Build Special for one more month! That’s right, 8/15/15 will be your last chance to get up to $1000.00 off your next project with Kingston, with a new signed construction agreement.

Happy summer to you! Before you know it, it’s gonna be Happy Holidays instead.  And on some of these sweltering, sultry summer days, the visions of crisp air, snow and holiday lights don’t seem too bad.