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“Roll ou
The renovated screened porcht those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those d
ays of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Dust off the sun and moon and sing a so
ng of cheer..” Nat King Cole

Summer is here! The heat is on. All the enjoyments the summer brings are happening; trips to the beach, post-prom and graduation parties, family reunions, concerts, looking at the stars and fireflies – and cookouts. Oh, the cookouts. There’s something about summer air that turns meat, seafood, veggies and coal into mealtime magic. The smell of smoke and fireworks, and trees in full flower; the smell of the sea and of cotton candy at the fairgrounds; the scents of summer, as well as the sights and tastes, make this hottest time of year special.

Though we in the DC area are lucky to have a fairly long summer, it’s also fleeting. Those outdoor good times seem to whiz by. You come home from all those festivals and concerts and you realize you’re already thinking ahead to the start of the school year. Adding a deck towashington-DC-deck-for-may-blog your home is an invitation to have those fun summer nights last a little longer. A new deck or patio would be just the place for your favorite lawn chair. You know the one..with the drink holder on the side, ready for an ice-cold tea, or a beer..?

As well as making relaxing outdoors easy, a deck is a good investment for your home’s resale value. According to a 2015 cost/benefit analysis published in Remodeling Magazine, a wooden deck addition retains about 83% of its cost when a home is sold, and a composite deck, about 72%. ( That’s one of the higher rates of return on a home improvement.

Part of deciding the best approach for an outdoor addition is using the right material for the deck or porch’s location. Building in a sunny area is best for wooden decks and additions: sunlight helps keep wood dry and free from mold, fungus and insects. Shadier or damp environments: your best bet is to use stone or concrete.Silver Spring Maryland - Sunroom Addition - Deck - Interior Exterior Remodeling - M (33)Green building – sustainable construction¬† – has increased in popularity in recent years, and there are materials and methods of building that are more eco-friendly. Recent life-cycle assessment comparing lumber to composite decking brought surprising results. Although composite material requires less maintenance in the short term and has a longer shelf life, wood has a much higher rate of reuse of material, when a deck or porch is eventually recycled.

When considering a wooden deck or porch, how you treat the wood has a lot to do with its longevity and how much it needs to be maintained afterwards. There’s treated wood and composite materials; there are fasteners that can join boards without using nails, which reduces the amount of holes in the lumber. There are treatments that make wood resistant to water and pests.

There’s many other things to consider before adding a deck, porch, sunroom or patio to your Patio2-1home. What kind of use will it get, and how often? What kinds of decks and additions are already in your neighborhood? If you live in an HOA, does your hoped-for deck meet all their requirements for approal? What details are most important for safety, as well as overall enjoyment? How should you incorporate an addition to your already existing architecture, so that it connects seamlessly to the rest of your home? These questions can seem overwhelming without the right help to answer them all.

Kingston’s skilled design, architect, production and build team have the knowledge and decades of experience of constructing exquisite exteriors – and interiors – make them the best choice to help you along the path of making the most of the outside of your house. Those cookouts and other good times could be happening on your brand-new deck or porch in less time than you believed possible.

On the fence about looking into it? As a bonus, Kingston Design Remodeling is in its final weeks of our Summer Build Special. You can save up to $1,0000.00 with your next home project with Kingston – with a new signed construction agreement. This offer expires soon, on July 15th. There will never be a better time to make your vision of an outdoor addition to your home a reality.

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