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Preparing for Your Build or Remodel
Planning a renovation or addition project can be overwhelming, and many homeowners don’t know where to begin. Before you sit down with a contractor or designer, it’s helpful to do a little preparation to be better informed about your prospective project. Some of the following tips may aide in your decision process in order for your project to run a little smoother. Collect Pictures Flip through home magazines and tear out pictures you like, whether it’s the shape of a window, or an attractive bathroom faucet. Presenting pictures of items and rooms you find appealing conveys your unique style to the designer, and will make it easier for them to create that perfect space for you. Also, you may find it insightful to take a short drive past a home that is being renovated.

Think About Your Needs
What are the needs you want this renovation to meet? Better traffic flow, improved lighting, modern conveniences? Jot down all of the main things that will make this renovation a success in your mind. Then think about the details. Where would you want the telephone jack, the cable hook-up, or electrical outlets? Do you have any special storage needs? Although these items may seem unimportant, your input on these smaller tasks will increase your overall enjoyment of the finished space.

Formulate a Budget
Give some serious thought into a budget for this project, and even though money can be difficult to discuss, it is important to speak about it openly with a potential contractor. Remember, specific tasks greatly depend on the overall scope of the project and the types of materials used.

Select a Reputable Builder
Did you know that 95% of builders go out of business within the first 5 years? For every builder you interview with, check and see how long they have been in business. investigate if they are members of local builder associations, which hold the contractor to certain standards of excellence. Have they won any awards on previous projects? Most importantly, are they licensed, bonded, and insured? It pays to do your homework on who you will hire for this major investment.

Communication between you and the remodeler is critical to a smooth experience.

A good contractor is there to walk you through this process, and make it as stress-free as possible, and will be happy to listen to you at any time.