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Blog - Soak in the musicIn March, Kingston Design Director Elizabeth Mitchel visited Kohler, Wisconsin to see the latest and greatest products from Kohler.  It was a very educational three-day visit filled with seminars, demos, tours and a little pampering too!

One of the most exciting things Elizabeth experienced first hand was the new vibracoustic bath.  This new technology allows bathers to literally feel the music through the sonic rhythms both below and above the waterline.  Simply plug in your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player and relax and enjoy!  The sound waves travel through the water via vibracoustic transducers that are strategically positioned throughout the tub.  The transducers are concealed under the bath’s shell, which allows for a smooth appearance and uninterrupted surface.

To learn more about Kohler’s Viberacoustic baths click the link below: