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Ask most people when they imagine themselves gathering with family and friends at home, and many would say “the holidays”; a season of cheer, shared meals and memories. Another big time for fun with family and friends is summer into fall. Grilling, fireworks, picnics and family reunions make the summer special. Memorial Day Weekend closes the summer season with a high note of fun. Here in the DMV area we’re lucky to enjoy a warmer fall season than our friends up north, so we have more time each year to enjoy life in the great outdoors.


Deck in Springfield, VA.

Fixing up the house to best enjoy this time of year should be top of every homeowner’s “to-do” list. Sprucing up any part of your home can make it feel new again – everybody knows that. Reshaping the exterior right around now leads to late-summer and early fall rewards. Imagine being the king and queen of Memorial Day as your nearest and dearest enjoy delicious barbecue while hanging out on your shiny new deck..then enjoying mulled cider there later in the year, as well. Outside air makes hot grilled food taste even better. Having the perfect space to enjoy it all will make your party one to remember.


Rooftop Deck in the District.

Adding physical space to your home might seem like an overwhelming concept. At Kingston we’ve been taking those big ideas and making them reality since 1981. If you can envision it, we want to help make that dream come true! We have a full team ready and waiting to make it happen for you.


Sunroom in Bowie, MD.

If you don’t have the space or budget for a full addition, dramatic effects can be had with remodeling. Updating a side room to let the sunshine in can redefine the character of a space, making it seem not just brighter but bigger, also. The right remodel can emphasize light and space to open up the walls and the possibilities of your home. Goodbye, predictable side room, collector of clutter and dust. Hellooo, beautiful, spacious sunroom – home to comfortable chairs that invite lingering with company or a good book. Proper use of light is an important element of design, one we love to play with at Kingston Design Remodeling.

The thing about that new porch, sunroom, addition, deck or patio – it takes space you might not have been using to its full potential and makes it someplace to really live in. Remodeling also changes the way you look at your home. An area you might have not had enough room to move in can be made open and inviting. So much potential, just waiting to be unlocked..!

At Kingston, we want you to make this the time that you go for the gusto and make your home the space you’ve dreamed of, inside and out. So, we’re having a Summer Build Special. Kingston clients can receive up to $1,000.00 off their next project with us (with a new signed construction agreement). Please mention Constant Contact. This offer expires on JULY 15th, 2015.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Call Moira at Kingston Design Remodeling *today* for your FREE Consultation!