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Kitchen trends are important.  More often than not, trends are a reflection of innovation, and no trend comes to rise without reason.  Trends reflect the newest and best the market has to offer, and many of the current trends we see aim to streamline the functionality of the space (think clean lines and pointed visual interest). Yet trends can be just that; Trends. Praised one day, and detested the next. While all of us want a space that is on the cutting edge, we strive to avoid building a kitchen that proclaims its design year. The following are some of the ways we achieve that.

The most cost efficient and practical way to maintain a kitchen’s timelessness while also staying on trend lies in the accessories. A timeless run of cabinetry can remain current by swapping out hardware, depending on what is on trend. Lighting is another relatively low cost change a homeowner can make to keep abreast of the latest style. A standard faucet hole without additional openings for sprayers and soap pumps in the counter top will allow for an easy change in plumbing fixture down the road. Maintaining standard openings for appliances will afford you the luxury of updating when appropriate without needing to reconfigure the entire kitchen.  We encourage homeowners to put their design fingerprint on the spaces they love and spend the majority of their time in, but we encourage them to let their flair show in the lower cost pieces. This benefits the homeowner in both resale and in long term style evolution.1V9B6572The “big ticket” items so be mindful of when remodeling your kitchen are flooring, cabinetry, and counter tops. Large profile square tiles (think 16”x 16” and above) are a great option, though the beautiful painted tiles we are seeing on trend  should be avoided if longevity is the intention. Another timeless option is hardwood. Hardwood will withstand the test of time, from both a wear and a design perspective. An alternative to natural hardwood is a wood-look tile, as pictured in the Kingston kitchen below.Springfield VA - Kitchen Remodeling - Deck Remodeling - Bathroom Remodeling - Interior Exterior Remodeling - K (3)On the topic of cabinetry, the timeless styles are generally Shaker or Inset. Kingston used Shaker cabinetry to give the kitchen below a classic, crisp, and gorgeous look. While this project was completed a few years ago, the look is still fresh, clean, and trending!Washington DC - Mt. Pleasant - Whole House Remodel - Bathroom Remodel - Kitchen Remodel - M  (49)Counter tops should be utilized to help provide a canvas for your statement pieces (such as pendant lighting and back splash tile) and should generally not be used as the star of the show, due to the cost of replacing them should their style become obsolete. Some great neutral tones to consider are whites, greys, and very light earth tones, as pictured below.Washington DC - Mt. Pleasant - Whole House Remodel - Bathroom Remodel - Kitchen Remodel - M  (51)Once you and your designer have collaborated on the base design for your space, have fun with the accent pieces! Your muted cabinetry and counter tops will allow for a back splash that draws the eye, or pendant lighting that causes your guests to look up and take notice.  Most importantly, create a space that you will enjoy walking into tomorrow, as well as fifteen years from now.Washington DC - Basement Apartment Remodeling - Kitchen Remodeling - Bathroom Remodeling - Interior Remodeling - F (17)Looking  for more information? Contact us at to chat with our design team or schedule a FREE in-home consultation.

Happy Designing!

-Emily Robinson

Kingston Design Team